Saturday, November 10, 2012

First Delivery Preparations (2011)

Before lunch last week, I asked Josiah to pray.  His prayer went something like this, "God, thank you for telling me to get sleeping bags for people in need.  I am having so much fun."

Wow!  I listened to him pray, looked over at the tower of sleeping bags, and my own heart was convicted.  Josiah has worked very hard and has done so joyfully.  I couldn't help but pray, "Lord, how many times have I walked away from a task that you've called me to and miss out on the 'fun' that You have for me and for others?  Or how many times have I grumbled over a task that You've given me?  Lord, I'm so sorry!"


Tonight is Josiah's first night of deliveries!  We are heading out to meet up with People Loving Nashville.

Here are the plans....

I will finish cleaning out our van this afternoon, buckle in our four kids, pack every corner of the van full of sleeping bags, strap the double stroller on top of the van, pick up Sergio from work, head to pick up Dwayne (our friend who has already been blessed by People Loving Nashville), and then go to our destination.

That's the easy part!

Here's where it gets hard.  How many sleeping bags do we take?  What will be our response when we pass all of them out and there is still someone who needs one?  Or what if there are 100 more in need?

My eyes fill up with tears just thinking about the 'what ifs'!

But let me tell you what I do know & where I choose to place my focus.  I am confident that the Lord has planned all of this and has been in charge of  "Operation Sleep Tight" this entire time.  He has given Josiah a heart of service and we are grateful for our son's love.  We have been praying that those who receive a sleeping bag will feel the love of Jesus and the hope that only He can give.

We are grateful for all of you who have donated funds and sent sleeping bags.  The total is in the 40's and I will have a definite number in the next couple of days.  There have been a couple of families who have bought some online and have had them sent to our house.  Any bags that arrive after Wednesday, will be taken to Green Street Church the following Wednesday where they can be passed out to those in need.

I will post soon about tonight's experience and hopefully will have some pictures to share of what the Lord is doing because of your generosity & prayers!

Many will be a little warmer this winter because of Operation Sleep Tight.

Thank you for partnering with Operation Sleep Tight!

*Sorry about the quality of pictures, they were taken with our cell phone.*

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