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Operation Sleep Tight: (2011)

Josiah at the Great Day of Service 2010

I write this post with a warm heart.  Our son, Josiah, is growing into a sweet, young guy with a sensitive soul that takes notice of people in need.  This past Wednesday, he and I were sitting at the school table watching the rain make mud puddles in our backyard.  After a few moments of silence, he looked up at me and asked, "Mom, what do homeless people do when it rains?"  I explained different options that they may have such as going into a building, under a bridge, or even standing underneath the awning of a building.  

Out of concern, he said, "What do they do when it is cold?"  Again, I explained a few options.  

I could tell that he was in deep thought, so I asked him what he thought he could to help anyone who was homeless. 

He replied, "Mom, I think we should give them something to sleep with, like a blanket.  I don't want them to sleep on the wet, cold ground."  

Josiah holding his baby sister, Clara

I teared up a little bit.  This is one of those times where I can not let this be a fleeting thought.  We must take it and put it into action.  

Sergio and I discussed our options that night.  The best option would be to give them sleeping bags.  We have done our research and the average cost would be $34.95 plus tax.  "Wow," I thought, "that could get expensive."

The next day, I decided to ask Josiah a few questions and discuss with him why sleeping bags would be the better option.

"Josiah, why do you want to give the homeless something to sleep on?"  I intentionally wanted to pry into his heart to see what he was thinking.  

"I want to give them something because they need it and I don't want them to be cold.  I just know it's going to snow soon." 

Wanting to know if he had a goal in mind, I asked, "How many sleeping bags would you like to hand out?"

"I don't know."  

"How about we make a goal of 10 sleeping bags."  

"But, Mom, we know more than 10 homeless people!"  He seemed rather frustrated with me.  I suspect it is because my husband has been attending every Wednesday night a church downtown that feeds the homeless a meal.  Josiah has attended quite often and seen the 70-80 people who come to worship and eat a hot meal. 

"Josiah, let's start with 10 sleeping bags and see what the Lord will do." I explained.  

He sat in silence for a few minutes.  

He sighed.  

"Ok, Mom, but can you tell God that we'll ask for more sleeping bags next month."

Josiah (left side) rock climbing in Downtown Nashville

"Let's tell him together, honey.  I am pretty sure that He already knows."  And with that we prayed.

Josiah is doing what he can to raise the money for the sleeping bags and I would like to come alongside of him and ask you all for any help you can give.  

We designated two weeks for his "Operation Sleep Tight" (as he calls it!).  Our family and some friends will be providing the meal for the homeless on December 14th.  Before the meal, we plan on driving to a few designated areas to deliver the sleeping bags.  

If you'd like to give to Josiah's ministry, please feel free to call me, Facebook me, or email me at  

We will keep you informed of his progress and will post all about Operation Sleep Tight!  

Thank you all so much!

*Update: Any posts from last year (2011) were written on Josiah's mom's blog living a redeemed life.  They have been compiled and transferred here.*

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