Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Thank You" (2011)

I would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in donations for Operation Sleep Tight.

As of today, 23 sleeping bags have been purchased and donations continue to come in, so this number is still growing.  We are truly grateful!!


Our initial plans were to take the sleeping bags to one location, a church off of Green Street in Downtown Nashville, but God has been working on another location as well. On Monday, the 12th, we will meet with "People Loving Nashville" at the Belmont Church in Downtown Nashville to deliver some of the sleeping bags.  We were connected with this ministry through our friend, Dwayne, who has been blessed by them.

"People Loving Nashville" meet at a church, fix meals for 150+ people, pray, and then deliver them out into the community.  They are meeting people face-to-face and building relationships.  Some of them already know of people who could use a sleeping bag now.

Josiah may not be able to meet one-on-one and to build these relationships, but through Operation Sleep Tight, he's able to come alongside and help meet a need of another ministry, like People Loving Nashville & Green Street Church.

Here's their mission statement taken right off of their website:

As People Loving Nashville…
We do not make assumptions about the people we meet.  We cannot know what life is like in another person’s shoes.  We do not pretend to have answers for every problem.  We do not bring judgement, control, disrespect, arrogance, or violence.


We are all hungry, so we bring food.
We are all shamed in our nakedness, so we bring clothes.
We are all broken, so we bring ears to listen and hear.
We are all scared, so we bring comfort.
We are all guilty, so we bring acceptance and honesty.
We are all living in chaos, so we bring peace.
We are all lonely, so we bring friendship and community.
We are all hurt, so we bring love.

Check out their video.  It's only 2 minutes long & well worth the time:

On December 14th, we will head out to Green Street Church to worship, serve a meal, and hand out the remainder of the sleeping bags.  Josiah will be talking about his heart to give everyone a warm bed this winter and how he could not have done this alone.

We are very thankful for all of your donations, sweet words, and prayers.  God's love has been shown through so many of you.  There have been mothers who have given on behalf of their kids, grandmothers donating in honor of their grandkids, birthday gifts being given by purchasing sleeping bags, a fundraiser ran by two siblings in order to donate, long-time friends from my childhood years, relatives, Sergio's sweet co-workers, and much more.... the list of people given keeps growing.

Thank you for your generosity!
 Thank you for supporting Operation Sleep Tight! 

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